Exercise & Bone Health

After receiving a diagnosis of Osteoporosis, exercise can be terrifying, especially when you have been living an active lifestyle. Exercise is a critical component to maintaining bone health, however, it’s important to understand what exercises are safe for you to participate in, which exercises promote bone health, and which exercises you may need to forgo until you’ve been cleared by a doctor. 

If you are an OBH member, review the Bone Foundations Exercise Library to find exercises that are safe for you to participate in and will support and promote higher bone density. 

Discovering what exercises are the best for bone health can be broken down into two main questions: 

  1. What exercises are best for stimulating bone mineral density? 
  2. What exercises are right for YOU!

If you find yourself needing more support, reach out to a Physical Therapist or Personal Trainer with experience in Osteoporosis.